Lifesaver (A Mormon Teen Speaks Out for Others, Part 2 of 2)

By Susannah Montgomery

Hi! Its Susannah Montgomery again! Just a quick recap, I have a gay brother named Jordan and he is my best friend. I’m fourteen and Jordan is a year older than me. Last year Jordan was in high school and I was stuck in junior high.


Every day I wore my rainbow ring that looked like the lifesaver candy to school to support my brother. We had about one quarter left in the school year when a girl in my PE class came up to me and asked why I wore the ring every day. I told her that I wore it to support my gay brother. We started to hang out more and about a week later she told me that she was bisexual. She also told me that her mom doesn’t accept her for being bisexual and she used to cut herself. She said that she has had many thoughts of suicide and that if she didn’t meet a friend who accepted her for being bisexual she would have tried. She says that my ring is truly a lifesaver. We are like best friends now and we go to PFLAG together.
I have an important question for you. Are you willing to stand by and watch as gay people start believing that their lives are worthless and have thoughts of suicide and some even commit suicide? We cannot afford to lose precious lives because people have bullied them and made them fell worthless. I encourage you to be the one to sit with the person alone in the corner or stand up for the person being bullied. You may make a new friend, or even be a lifesaver.

Susannah is 14 year old Mormon teen living with her parents, her 2 brothers and her 2 sisters. Susannah’s hobbies are playing harp and crocheting. She loves playing with her 2 dogs, and she plays an awesome game of basketball. (Her family is featured in the Family Acceptance Project Video ‘Family’s are Forever‘.)

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