A Special Carnation for Fathers Who Love Their Gay Children!!



I get to hear a lot of great stories, as well as deeply sad stories, from all the families of gay people who contact me.  Here, to help us celebrate Father’s Day, is an excerpt from an email I received recently:


Dear Carol Lynn,

I wanted to let you know I found good homes for all of the books you sent. I love your books!  I am so grateful that my husband has loved them as well. He has been glued to them and has devoured them all. I have a little anecdote I want to share with you, but first I want to give you a little background on him. He is a physician whose pedigree is full of pioneers and republicans, his dad was a stake president and a Patriarch and he was recently released as a Bishop of a BYU singles student ward where he lovingly handed out copies of The Miracle of Forgiveness.  Now for the funny story…..

Two days ago we were at the hospital where my husband had surgery. It was on that day that he had his own “coming out” announcement. As the nurses were wheeling him through the double doors out of the recovery room, he had a big grin on his face (of course he was looped due to the drugs and anesthesia).  He loudly and unabashedly proclaimed to me and everyone else on the hospital floor, “I’ve been telling everyone that I have a gay son and I really don’t mind if they all know about it because I am now pro gay marriage, and a democrat!”

He’s a believer. Thanks for getting him on board!  Keep up the good work. This is how the church will change, one by one.

Best to you,



So here’s a cheer and a hug and a red carnation for all the fathers who keep the faith–faith in God, faith in themselves, and faith in their gay children!