Good Samaritans and God’s Confirmation

By Vicki Wimmer Johnson

Nearly 4 months ago I was on the side of the I-10 highway about 100 miles from Phoenix in a destroyed Nissan Armada; we had been hit from behind by an 18 wheeler. I was terrified as was my son and the only thing I could think was, someone help us. I looked out my missing window and I cried out, “Someone, help us!” It was only a few minutes that seemed like forever until a beautiful young woman appeared and did not leave my window for over an hour as I was trapped inside until rescue crews arrived and extricated me. She held my hand, she told me to breathe when I started to shake, and she asked me questions to assess where I was hurt. She is the one who told the now jackknifed semi driver to back off when he came over yelling, surely in shock himself. It is possible that I owe the fact that I can walk today to my angel, she kept me calm.


After my son and I had been taken to the hospital she and her companion were still serving us as they became the guardians of Stephan’s kitty, Cupcake. While Stephan and I lay in the trauma ER, in the wee hours of the morning, these angel women were meeting my husband Jared somewhere in Phoenix to give him the kitty. The angel who had cared for me and never left me; she introduced her companion to Jared and said “This is my wife.” So, as Stephan and I lay there in the hospital, my sweetheart was thanking these beautiful angels for everything they had done and telling them that I had marched with my son who they had met at the accident, in the Pride parade with Mormons Building Bridges in Salt Lake City earlier in the month. He was telling these married lesbian women, my angels, how important it was to me that I show that there were Mormons who loved LGBT people. Meanwhile, these good Samaritans had demonstrated exactly what Christ had talked about in his parable of the Good Samaritan.

I do not counsel others about God’s Laws. I feel that others are very aware of His laws and if not, there are many ready to share His Laws with them. Before I went to the Pride parade and became actively and openly engaged in being an LGBT Ally, I asked God, why I felt so strongly about going public. How was what I wanted to do ok with Him? The answer was so simple and so quiet, and so clear and unmistakable: a still small voice in my mind and in my heart, “Remember, which part is Mine, and which part is yours.”

God has revealed to me by His voice that I must show my love. For me, this has become a public thing. These lesbian women have also responded to God’s voice, for they showed me and my family, total strangers, true Christlike love. How do I convey just how much we know that that was a very specific tender mercy that the women who stopped were married lesbians? How could God get more specific for me? I wouldn’t know!

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