Berta Marquez

bertitaBERTA MARQUEZ is a BYU student and co-founder of “Safe and Sound” an LGBT homeless youth host home program in the state of Utah. She also helps with “Mormons Building Bridges” where she is working on encouraging the love and acceptance of LGBT youth, suicide prevention and wellness, and creating more and affirming loving home environments for LDS LGBT young people. She enjoys singing in the “One Voice” choir – a choir for LDS LGBT people and allies as well as occasionally helping with other initiatives such as editing for “Far Between,” a film and community-building project seeking to improve the conversation around the topic of Mormonism and the LGBT experience. In her spare time Berta likes playing and writing music using a variety of instruments and interfaces and also enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, creating mixed media art, and swimming.

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  1. DeWitt Sagastume
    November 24, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    I really proud of you! Thank you for not giving up on life and The Cause! You are doing so much good for all of us and us Friendlies! 🙂

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