By Carlos Santana

  • Today I woke up remembering a beautiful story:

    Once a young man was walking on a beautiful beach. He noted that there were many starfish stranded on the beach. He saw a man a little ways off, and as he approached he realized that this man was trying to return to the sea as many starfish as possible.
    So this young man spoke to the man.
    ”Why do you do it? You alone will not be able to return all those starfish to the sea?”

    The man replied with a smile,

    ” I know that alone I cannot not save all these starfish, but I’m doing my best to save as many as possible.”

    What a lovely story!
    There are many young members of the church throughout the world much like those starfish. They need help. We can be like that man on the beach and give it our all, and strive to help the maximum possible youth we can.
    God has given us talents and gifts that we can brilliantly develop within the church and that is good. But I am also grateful to live in this time and know that there is a noble cause to serve with love and dedication in a different but wonderful calling. The same gifts and talents are needed to help members that are LGBT who are suffering…. they feel alone. We cannot lose any of them. We have to help save the maximum children of God with our efforts.
    I know it is possible. Together we can do so much and I’m sure Heavenly Father will be happy with our efforts.
    Today I woke up with this feeling in my heart. I am grateful to have these feelings and understand that God loves me.
    With love,
    Carlos Santana

  • Carlos Santana was born in Recife, capital of Pernambuco, Brazil. He served a mission in the Central West of Brazil with lots of love and honor. He studied at the Brazilian Foundation for Technology and Welding. Believes that God loves all his children and when we serve towards a noble cause we are doing the will of our Heavenly Father.