Some Easy Ways Anybody Can Contribute to Helping LGBT Mormons

By Sherri Park

Many think we are utterly powerless to change the situation of LGBT people in the church. I don’t think so. Here is what my husband and I are doing to change this situation:
1. We support the Mormon’s Building Bridges FB page by contributing to it every day.
2. We wear our Mormons Building Bridges badges to all church activities to prompt discussion.
3. We wear our Mormons Building Bridges T-shirts to appropriate activities such as the luncheon for candidates for Mayor of West Jordan to prompt discussion.
4. We write letters to the editor of the Tribune.
5. We use our personal Facebook site to promote LGBT activities.
6. We give financial support to various LDS/LGBT causes and groups.
7. We march in gay pride parades.
8. We give out hugs out at the pride festival.
9. We participate in the Community Conversations sponsored by Mormons Building Bridges in our local community each month.
10. We attend socials for LDS/LGBT people in our area.
11. We support non-discrimination activities for LGBT people.
12. We originated Sit With Me Sunday to encourage LGBT people to attend church if they want to.
13. We will march with the Out of Darkness suicide walk.
14. We talk to our Bishop and Stake President about Mormons Building Bridges.
15. We bought and hand out Family Acceptance Program booklets.
16. We bear our testimonies about LGBT people and Mormons Building Bridges.
17. We talk to our neighbors and friends about LGBT issues.
18. We wrote emails to the General Authorities to thank them for the Mormons and Gays website.
There is probably more that I can’t think of right now. I am not listing these things to get praise. I am listing them to prompt others about what they can do to help.
As a group, Mormons Building Bridges is not just complaining about things as they are. We are not just talking about what the church should do to change this situation. We are doing our best to bring about those changes.
I pray every day that the leaders of the church will soften their hearts toward LGBT people. I think we are making progress, as slow and painful as it is.
If you can do no more than pray, then I ask for your prayers in behalf of all those who want to see change.
If you can do no more than contribute your thoughts to this page, then do that.
If you can do no more than write a letter to the GA’s, then do that.
If can contribute $5 to the Family Acceptance Project or the Safe and Sound program for homeless LGBT teens, then do that.
Think about it and put your shoulder to the wheel. I think we can and are affecting changes.

Sherri Park lives with her husband Bill in SLC and serves on the steering committee Mormons Building Bridges. They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.