LDS Parents of Gay Man Launch Site with Online Resources

by Jim and Merrie Smithson

After our son “came out” two years ago, we became aware of the need for a single, reliable place where parents in a similar situation could find good information that speaks to their immediate needs. Thankfully, other parents, professionals, and web experts recognized the same need, and responded by creating this new website:

We want to be clear that this is not an official Church website, though it definitely takes an LDS perspective and draws heavily from LDS sources. Its name is similar to the Church’s official website ( because we want to make it easy to find, not because we’re trying to deceive anyone.

We also want to be clear that this is not a comprehensive source for information on all things gay and Mormon. It is meant to be a place for parents and others to start. It includes many links that lead to additional resources, both LDS and not, but the site itself is intentionally brief.

If you know a parent, family member, or friend of someone who just came out, make them aware of this website. We think they’ll find it beneficial–we certainly would have two years ago.