Joseph And His Family

This essay was inspired by two different young gay men (whose names happen to start with J) and their amazing families who, together, have taken up the banner and are fighting for Christ-like acceptance of all LGBT people.  It is dedicated to all the parents in LDS Family Fellowship who support each other while they share this battle in support of their LGBT children.



In the1820’s there was a young man (whose name started with J) who had a question.  There was much confusion in the land about this question.  Some were saying one thing was true, others were claiming another thing was true.  This young teen felt a special calling to discover the truth for himself and for others.

This young man studied and prayed.  This young man sought an answer and received it.  God knew this young man and knew he had a pure heart.  God also knew that this young man had a special calling,  God was preparing this young man to do great things, and so God prompted him in this time to seek the truth.

When this young man learned the truth, this young man knew he must bring this truth to his parents.  God had also paved the way for him.  God had blessed him with parents who could discern truth, even if the truth was hard or surprising.  These parents were also blessed with ability to know their son, and know he had a pure heart.  They also had been called.  They had been called of God to help their son weather a storm.  They had been called to help their son accomplish his great work.  The had been called to suffer their son’s persecutions.  They had been called to guide their son.

This family went forward and dedicated themselves to the calling God had given them.  Each of them played a crucial role.  The young man was chosen for this cause.  His parents were equally chosen for this cause.  They were given many trials to prepare them to fight opposition.  They were scorned by friends and neighbors.  But their unity, their love of Christ, and love for each other brought this family through the persecution, and through their many trials and prepared them for a great work, a work that only they could do.  And they emerged stronger than the strongest trees.  And they became an inspiration to many.  And they brought about the Lord’s work.

Almost 200 years later there was another young man (whose name started with J) with a question, and another period of confusion in the land.  And there was another family who was prepared to guide him and accompany him through a great work.

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