A Christian Reply to North Carolina Boy’s Gay Remarks

By J. Samuel Edwards  www.jsamueledwards.wordpress.com

Recently a boy’s anti-gay protests in front of a Methodist Church in North Carolina caught a lot of attention. He is quoted on the Huffington Post saying “The Bible talks about the Homosexuals — they’re worthy of death”. His views do not reflect actual Christian doctrines and I believe are truly embarrassing to the whole Christian community. To answer his comments I made a simple youtube video expressing Biblical views against hate of any kind.

Even if you believe Gay Marriage or Homosexuality in and of itself is wrong or sinful, there is no spiritual justification for hatred of a person. The Apostle John repeatedly taught this doctrine throughout the New Testament, even to the harsh extent of equating those who hate with murderers (see 1 John 3:15). Beyond that, hate of one group or type of people has never led to anything Christlike or good in any society. It nearly destroyed our great nation during the Civil War, it nearly destroyed Europe during WW2, it is destroying the Middle East now and costing thousands of lives every day. Hate is the Devil’s tool, not God’s. Those who are full of hate cannot fully claim to be followers of Christ because they deny one of the basic tenants of His doctrine, love one another.

My name is Samuel, I’m from South Florida but now living in Washington DC.  I am working on becoming a writer of religious doctrines not just from the LDS Church but from other Judeo-Christian beliefs as well; it’s difficult at times but I can honestly say is one of my most absolute passions in life.